GP Consultation Plan


✅ 12 Consultation a year

✅ Discount on Blood test

✅ Discount on Radiological test


A doctor always by your side thanks to tele consultation services Get access to the specialist in 90 mins and get a solution for you and your family. This plan covers 12 consultation per year for you and your immediate family members.

Moving out is a great adventure! Whether it be for a few months or for several years, you will experience lots of happy discoveries. However, going out may also be a source of concern, especially regarding your medical follow-up. Yet there are solutions easily available to assist you at any time during your expatriation.



How does tele consultation work?

Wherever you are and at any time, you benefit from confidential video consultations with experienced practitioners specialized in many medical fields: general medicine, dermatology, cardiology, psychiatry or speech therapy.

In just a few clicks, you can receive answers to questions about your health, medical advice or an opinion or diagnosis. All practitioners are qualified, experienced, and trained to provide remote consultations. They strictly comply with the ethical and professional standards governing their practice.

Thanks to an international network covering all time zones, you can easily schedule your consultations when it suits you, regardless of your geographical location.


What are the advantages of tele consultation services?

Tele consultations are part of your healthcare pathway and provide an additional solution to your primary care physician’s follow-up. This service allows you to:

  • have access to specialists at any time, without any waiting period;
  • get advice on choosing a specialist depending on your illness or condition;
  • benefit from advice before seeing a doctor;
  • get information on the seriousness of your illness or condition;
  • obtain a second medical opinion;
  • benefit from a more detailed explanation of a diagnosis provided by your primary care physician;
  • receive regular medical follow-up.


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