Combo Health Plan


✅ EMR Maintenance

✅ 6 Consultation a year

✅ Discount on Blood test

✅ Discount on Radiological test


The annual subscription plan will give members access to several digital health tools like EMR and Online Consultations etc to help them manage chronic medical conditions, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and in recovery from illnesses. Users with a diagnosed medical conditions or chronic diseases will find this plan suitable for long-term care as they will have access to all their previous health records on a cloud-based software and will be able to continuously monitor and track their progress along with access to doctors.

As part of the subscription, consumers can also get a complete health assessment followed by a consultation with a physician on personal health goals and steps to achieve the same on discounted price from a reputed laboratory. The assessment is a comprehensive check-up to know all important health parameters of an individual including functioning of heart, kidneys and liver, complete blood count, composition of fat in the body and vitamin profile. This helps in future planning of the health as members will be able to understand their current health goals and ways to pursue them.  



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