What do Nephrologist do?

Nephrology is a speciality to fame of inner medication that centers around the treatment of ailments that influence the kidneys.

You have two kidneys. They’re situated underneath your ribcage on either side of your spine. The kidneys have a few indispensable capacities, including: expelling waste and abundance liquid from the blood, keeping up your body’s electrolyte balance, delivering hormones with capacities, for example, overseeing pulse

What age should you start seeing a Nephrologist ?

More aged individuals are more in danger of some kidney and urinary tract issues.

What are the common conditions treated by a Nephrologist?

Nephrologists can work with you to help analyze and treat the accompanying conditions: blood or protein in pee, interminable kidney illness, kidney stones, albeit a urologist may likewise treat this, kidney contaminations, kidney expanding because of glomerulonephritis or interstitial nephritis, kidney malignant growth, polycystic kidney malady, hemolytic uremic disorder, renal course stenosis, nephrotic disorder, end-stage kidney sickness, kidney disappointment, both intense and ceaseless

When should you visit a Nephrologist?

Most specialists agree that you should see a kidney expert, called a nephrologist, when your eGFR (evaluated glomerular filtration rate—a proportion of kidney work) is under 30


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